An Awesome Presentation on the Impact of Classroom Technologies

This is a great presentation that addresses some of the fundamental issues related to the use of technology in the classroom.  My personal opinion is that technology can give us so many creative ways to present information and conduct lessons that it could be all to easy to allow it to make us complacent teachers.  Students still need to think for themselves and teaching them the ways in which they can learn new knowledge and skills is very important.  Constructivism and self-cognition are two concepts we should always remember in our teaching.


One thought on “An Awesome Presentation on the Impact of Classroom Technologies

  1. In the text by Ormrod, Schunk, and Gredler (2009), cognitive development is what Piaget would focus on to develop reasoning and logical thinking. Opposed to this is personal constuctivism, where the authors stated, is a shift in focus occurring when a student replicates a teacher’s words and actions to his or her experience (pp.18-19) (as cited in von Glaserfeld, 1995). However, should the constructivism be social, then this could foster much learning by students participating in a cognitive activity, actively learning, where they can also make sense of the way others learn (p. 19).


    Ormrod, J., Schunk, D., & Gredler, M. (2009). Learning theories and instruction (Laureate custom edition). New York: Pearson.

    von Glasersfeld, E. (1995). Radical constructivism: A way of knowing and learning. London & Washington: The Falmer Press.

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