Educational Origami

educationl-origami is a wiki, hosted by Wikispaces, which is simply awesome!!! There are so many wonderful resources on this site about integrating ICT into education and about teaching in the 21st century. There are many guide sheets for teaching others how to use new Web 2.0 tools and other applications. For example, there are start up step-by-step how-to sheets for delicious, wikispaces, voicethread, googlemaps, advanced google search, and so many more. They are set out very simply and easy to understand.

Another fantastic thing I love about this site is the integration and exploration of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the 21st century and its relevance to ICT integration. There is a lot of valuable information on this and how it applies to assessment. Templates are also provided, which are fantastic. The multiple intelligences are also addressed and linked to 21st century teaching and learning as well.

The pedagogical implications of integrating ICT are heavily addressed in this wiki and a highly comprehensive amount of information is shared in a succinct and successful manner. The amount of information on this wiki makes this one my main go-to places for ideas and tools for integrating ICT more effectively in the classroom.


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