The Social Bookmarking Scene

Bookmarking has become a lot more common online in the last few years.  Bookmarking is a feature that has been on PCs and Macs for years but bookmarking on individual computers is simply not enough when there are so many sites out there on the World Wide Web to keep tabs on.  So what bookmarking websites are out there and which do you use?  Personally, I used to use all the time because it is one of the most well-known and recognised bookmarking site on the net.  However, when I heard of the imminent end of I looked into others and soon exported my bookmarks all to Diigo. is another bookmarking site that allows tagging and an added feature that could be highly useful is the ability to highlight sections of bookmarked sites and attach a sticky note to a whole page or specific section.  With the ability to keep these sticky notes public or private, this feature could be helpful in guiding students through their personal research and inquiry on the internet. is another bookmarking site, which has the facilities to keep records of sites that you want to remember. However, it also has some other great features if you update to a pro account.  With a pro account teachers can upload files for their students to be able to find and download for use.  It’s like a simple online learning tool that could make loosing those sheets a thing of the past.

Ma.ture Technology

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Ma.gnolia was a bookmarking site up until 2009 but suffered a huge data loss in early 2009 and after an unsuccessful relaunch it ended it 2010.  However, there are stil many other social bookmarking options to explore.  Each has perhaps a few differences and may or may not suit your individual preferences but they are a generally very reliable way to keep bookmarks stored.

CiteULike is a site aimed at higher education bookmarking , specifically at bookmarking academic research. It’s usefulness for educators is very valuable when keeping up with professional reading and development.  Go to Phil Bradley’s website: Making the net easier at for a list of even more bookmarking applications. What bookmarking site do you use?

Bookmarking has also become so incredibly easy with bookmarking tools that can be added to your bookmark toolbar to quickly just add a new bookmark to your social bookmarking site.  With Diigo, you can even right-click on a webpage and add the bookmark to your Diigo account like that, also adding a sticky note for later reference.  It’s simple and effective!!! Keep your bookmarks with you everywhere with one of these bookmarking sites!


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