Web 2.0 Tools

The static, information and content driven form of the World Wide Web with emails, websites and news has now evolved and is on the edge of being a web 3.0, interactive and virtual environment.  In between those two web worlds is Web 2.0 tools.  These Web 2.0 tools facilitate two-way communications and interactions.  They are the building blocks for online collaboration and out of it has come the fast-paced world of social networking as well.

Go2Web20 is a fantastic website that provides a digital index of hundreds of Web 2.0 tools.  Web 2.0 tools that are useful in graphics, video conferencing, music, business, collaboration, management and so many more categories.  Visiting the site can be overwhelming though with a plethora of tools to review, so if you want to find something specific, narrow your search down by selecting from the categories.

Go2web2 image

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