Going Mobile

Today I presented and facilitated a workshop on mobile devices and mobile technology.  Mobile technology is an asset in education but must be considered carefully.  I presented thoughts and ideas on why educators should use mobile devices in the following presentation.  The initial conversation in the first 10 minutes of the workshop was very lively and those in attendance shared their thoughts on technology in education.  Issues were addressed like the distraction that technology presents but the benefits were also noted.

We also explored some iPad apps in this session and some interesting conversation developed out of that.  One point that was raised was that the many millions of apps that people are downloading don’t come with much instructional guidelines about how to use the app.  All apps have some sort of list of features, however, how to use the apps is not always explicitly explained.  One participant raised the point that perhaps very short and simple video could be made on how to use the app and get started.  I would definitely like to explore that idea further!

To take the idea and process further when looking at using mobile devices and apps in education, perhaps a database of instances in which an app has been used and how would be very valuable to academics pursuing the integration of such into their own context.  This could be a very valuable contribution towards encouraging the employment of apps in education.


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