What’s the Scoop?

Scoop.it is one of the curating or knowledge aggregating sites now becoming very popular on the internet. Selecting your favourite RSS sources of information to curate, anyone using the internet can combine and create to publish an online magazine as such. It’s been used by many to disseminate information in particular fields of interest, socially networking in yet another way that differs slightly from Twitter, Facebook and blogs. This is the Knowledge Era and in the Knowledge Era its knowledge management that is prized the most in business, education and economics, to name a few domains.

Onno van Ewyk shares in an article titled Preparing for the Knowledge Era that:

The hypothesis is that in the future everything about the way an organisation functions will be so flexible that the only unique and truly valuable asset the organisation has is its ‘knowledge’. Its knowledge of its markets, customers, products, services and processes that will allow it to continuously adapt and succeed.

How will you curate your knowledge? How will you sustain the uptake of new knowledge? How does your organisation manage knowledge?  Interesting questions to ponder.


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