So I’ve been reading up on Communities of Inquiry, as mentioned in previous blog post, and the TEC-VARIETY model thinking about how these assist in how online courses can increase student engagement.  I’ve loved reading about the TEC-VARIETY model and how its intentions are to help those educators who are perhaps a little untrained but who really want to be intentional in their use of technology and the design of their courses.

The two models compliment each other because the TEC-VARIETY model aims to increase student motivation and retention in online courses and the CoI model intends to engage students, it’s the ultimate package.  I believe the CoI model further compliments the TEC-VARIETY model in that when used together activities from the TEC-VARIETY model can be chosen according to whether they support the aspect of the CoI model that the educator may wish to enhance.

This is a great presentation on the CoI model!

So, if an educator wanted to enhance cognitive presence in their online course they might use activities listed under the TEC-VARIETY model’s element of ‘Interactive’.

Cognitive Presence is the extent to which learners are able to construct and confirm meaning through sustained reflection and discourse (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2001).

The element of interactivity in the model is one that explores collaborative, team-based and community activities.  Working together and discussing aspects of a course support cognitive presence and interactive elements thereby working with both models.

Below is my image of how these two models might go together.  It’s my thoughts and to some it may not seem logical but I’m going to keep mulling it over.


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