Designing for learning – online and offline

I’ve recently been involved in an online workshop with WikiEducator, that I’ve mentioned in a previous post, called Learning4Content.  In this workshop participants developed wiki skills and were encouraged to commit to creating and contributing a wiki resource to

WikiEducator.  I have decided to contribute a resource that helps educators design and create online and offline resources that are usable, accessible and designed to not overload a student cognitively.  I guess it will be a tool or template that helps educators be intentional in their design and development of educational resources, to optimise the outcomes achieved my their students. (Well, that’s what I hope for 🙂 )

I recently did some work for a new teacher professional development project and in so doing created a tool that would help in reviewing online courses created, to analyse whether they were of the desired standard and ready for delivery.  The tool I developed was a matrix sort of checklist and dealt with the four aspects of pedagogy, aesthetics, usability and accessibility measured against the landing page, navigation, icons/images, text, links, communication and feedback provided by the course.

The development of this tool was informed by my research, reading and experience with heuristic evaluation, usability, accessibility, course design and teaching in general and through what the stakeholders wished to see achieved in their courses.  After many drafts and tweaks a model was created.  A revised version that is a little more generic will help inform my wiki project on WikiEducator.  You can see the progress of the tools development as a reusable resource on my WikiEducator user page and project page.


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