Riding the Wave – Part 1

  1. Now I love the beach, but if there is anything that stops me from enjoying a good swim in the ocean it is waves, I personally don’t like them much. However, this week I am quite happy to indulge and enjoy riding, surfing, and even duck-diving through the waves as I soak up the sun and enjoy MoodleMoot AU 2012. Yesterday was day one, and what a day! After 10 exciting talks I was exhausted but definitely inspired. The began with a slightly feverish Martin Dougiamas taking the stage and always delivering some awesome news on what’s to come in Moodle future versions.
  2. anitsirk17
    Moodle is about interaction & collaboration @moodler once said that “all Moodle courses should be little communities of practice” #mootau12
  3. seanjcl
    “@moodleman: Great news! The awesome #forumNG plugin to replace the dated standard #moodle forum in 2.4. #mootau12”
  4. anitsirk17
    Moodle mobile – HTML5 and PhoneGap, uses REST web services, open source, modular extensible, could be your own app on it! #mootau12
  5. anitsirk17
    Some possibilities with Moodle 2.4, completely new icon set, replaced core forum, import iCal streams, new HTML5 app #mootau12
  6. anitsirk17
    First rubrics and now marking guides for even more criteria! Frequently used comments yay!! #mootau12
  7. After this great keynote presentation I went to a series of presentations on a variety if things but a common theme for me and something I am keenly interested in because of the needs of academics at our institute is the use of forums and how best to both implement them but also grade them. I was thoroughly impressed with the two presentations I saw on new tools that will hopefully become available in the near future that assess forums easily than currently is available.

  8. anitsirk17
    Building on a foundation of engagement: participation forum… Looking forward to this #mootau12
  9. anitsirk17
    Participation forum handles the quantitative side so that teachers can focus on the quality…monitor progress, guide discussion #mootau12
  10. anitsirk17
    “Good dialogue elicits those activities that shape, elaborate, and deepen understanding” Biggs #mootau12
  11. anitsirk17
    Creating efficiencies… Automate the rating based on participation…no subjective judgement, just rating using systems #mootau12
  12. anitsirk17
    Scaled access diagram using Inspiration software… More great data on student activity #mootau12
  13. anitsirk17
    “Transaction communication is a key theoretical construct for measuring collaboration…” Interested in this… #mootau12
  14. And this from Massey University…. Very exciting stuff…
  15. anitsirk17
    Instead of taking the assessment into the forum… Take the forum contributions to the assessment… #mootau12
  16. I will blog further on this event but these were the bigs things for me from day one…. Have too much to blog but have to go and ride me some mor waves đŸ™‚

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