Riding the Wave – Part 3

  1. Im going to blog/storify the talks a little more in real time today as there is so much to process and so little time later to reflect on the day.

    Keynotes were presented by Elizabeth Ellis from ABC Connect and Solua Middleton from ABC Open. Some great stuff being done by both of these groups.

  2. moodler
    #mootau12 Liz Ellis gets the whole crowd doing a Mexican wave as a metaphor for our learners working as a team.
  3. anitsirk17
    ABC Connect eLearning strategy Los at infrastructure, learning content, eLearning skills as well as hearts and minds #mootau12
  4. anitsirk17
    Image-driven, icon-driven and simple linear course structures… What do you find works in your context? #mootau12
  5. Eellcie
    There is a sense that if “you build it they will come” but we know that’s not enough don’t we #mootau12
  6. anitsirk17
    Digital skills can be challenge – staff need lots of help and training – equip staff will skills through resources #mootau12
  7. KahiwaBalfour
    “Choose your own adventure”-style part in the keynote <– like. Rather than a list of points, group of images & audience chooses. #mootau12
  8. anitsirk17
    ABC Open presenting now… #abcopen_qld Engaging with communities through media and more #mootau12
  9. flairandsquare
    Solua Middleton #abcopen_qld presenting at #mootau12 > seems to me that abc is always ahead of the game!
  10. anitsirk17
    “They say a pic is worth a 1000 words, but a 1000 pics, how many words is that?” ABC Open reaching many with much #abcopen_qld #mootau12
  11. moodlechick
    #mootau12 @abc_open_qld open upskilling diverse communities so our stories can be shared AWESOME! Love open!
  12. I love seeing and hearing about the work being done by organisations with those less fortunate or this with less opportunities than the everyday person might have. Moodle is bridging the divide between all sectors and industries and creating the ultimate learning community and smaller communities. ABC Is riding the wave and bringing home the trophy.

  13. moodler
    So, swap “ABC Open” for MOOCH, and “videos” for courses and OER, and I’m starting to get good ideas…. #mootau12
  14. Eellcie
    #mootau12 taking a look at http://t.co/NWIRhfQ3 – food for thought HE as stories are a powerful tool for learning from others

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