Riding the Wave – Part 4

  1. Julian Ridden, aka @moodleman, flew in today for MootAu12, and boy did he fly in. For those who have not sen Julian present you are missing out, he is funny, engaging, charismatic and very informative. However, and he did warn us….
  2. anitsirk17
    Warned about fast pace of @moodleman presentation now on migrating offline pedagogy into online classroom using Moodle #mootau12
  3. Below are some of my notes taken from Julian’s first presentation on migrating our pedagogy online. I found it very engaging and his quotes and thoughts were thought provoking.
  4. anitsirk17
    W don’t stop classroom discussion because students might say something so don’t stop online forums for the same reason #mootau12
  5. anitsirk17
    Learn from Facebook… It’s became huge with one single purpose… To connect people! #mootau12 @moodleman
  6. anitsirk17
    “The is no such thing as eLearning because learning already has an ‘e’ in it” @moodleman #mootau12
  7. anitsirk17
    “The key to using any tech effectively is underpinning it with the right pedagogy” @vnaryan @moodleman #mootau12
  8. Here’s what some others thought too….
  9. marlenemanto
    #mootau12 “Engagement first, knowledge second. Or you can’t disperse the knowledge effectively. ” Thx @moodleman
  10. flairandsquare
    Facebook purpose to connect people, is now the third largest country in the world, why aren’t we learning from that? @moodleman #mootau12
  11. His second presentation was on Mahara and Moodle together – Mahoodle as he put it. I’ve seen Mahara in development and a little in actin within a great professional development project just being initiated with NSW educators, in completely online courses and teach meets. Watch out for PLANE, they are going to be leading the way in online professional development soon.

    Here are some notes from Julian’s second presentation…

  12. anitsirk17
    Mahara belongs to the student, students decide on layout, target, and content… Feedback by student and teacher #moodleau12 @moodleman
  13. anitsirk17
    I’ve seen Moodle and Mahara working together and they are fantastic!! #moodleau12 #planepl
  14. anitsirk17
    Understand the difference between LMS, VLE, PLE and PLN. Moodle and Mahara cross over in VLE and PLE @moodleman #moodleau12
  15. I like what Julian had to show in the way the single sign on works and helps seamlessly combine both Mahara and Moodle with each other. They talk to each other and in so doing allow students are richer experience in portfolio management and the aggregate their own learning products into one single area. Another great benefit of Mahara and Moodle and the marriage of them to each other is that grading a Mahara item is as easy as grading a normal Moodle assignment (from what I was able to understand), which is fantastic! I am certainly going to look into this more and my institute may use it in the future, which would be exciting.

    Here’s what others thought….

  16. flairandsquare
    Very practical demo thanks @moodleman > how the Mahara Moodle portfolio integration works for the student. #mootau12
  17. marlenemanto
    #mootau12 “Don’t make Moodle a walled garden where students cannot get work out again.” Q from @moodleman
  18. Eellcie
    Mahara facilitates reflective practice, built in NZ, portfolios for students > student centered unlike a LMS #mootau12

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