Riding the Wave – Part 5

  1. There were some really great other presentations in day 2 of MoodleMoot AU 2012 as well. Some notes and tweets below…

    Francis Kneebone gave a thought provoking presentation that looked at a framework for developing educators in educational technology and some of the questions he raised I could definitely relate to. The third tweet below I could definitely resonate with as academics often ask for things the be done or integrated but they have no understanding of what it takes to get and develop such a resource or activity. It’s not expected that they do most of the time but how can we educate them enough so that they understand what is possible and what are reasonable expectations of technology within their context?

  2. anitsirk17
    Watching @FrancisKneebone present on a framework for developing educators in educational technology #mootau12
  3. anitsirk17
    @FrancisKneebone asking some provocative questions about what educators know about technology? Fun 😉 #mootau12
  4. anitsirk17
    Do educators understand browsers, HTML, CSS, and the tech stuff behind what they use or ask for? #mootau12
  5. anitsirk17
    The framework so far: synchronous delivery, instructional design (narrative, sequencing), eAssessment, web standards, systems… #mootau12
  6. anitsirk17
    Create a training space, create sandbox, experience course as students, hand over responsibility, do a skills audit and survey… #mootau12
  7. This was a great presentation that looked at how Moodle caters for and keeps up with current global trends and its fantastic to see that it does. Moodle is not a complete package in and of itself but as Martin so often reiterates, it is a platform, a foundation in which to build further learning opportunities and activities. Many extra learning materials and resources can be integrated and implemented with Moodle and that’s what keeps it up with global trends…. That and the community behind it I believe.
  8. anitsirk17
    Addressing global trends in education… Can it be done in Moodle? #mootau12 what does the Horizon report mean for Moodle?
  9. anitsirk17
    Global trend 3: cloud computing vs Moodle = forced on us by eliminating a course specific files area? #mootau12
  10. marlenemanto
    #mootau12 “Give co-ownership of your Moodle course…its a class space, not just a teacher space.” Q from @mikecogh
  11. anitsirk17
    Global trend 5: multiliteracies vs Moodle =involves learning the tools but also thinking critically about why you are using tools #mootau12
  12. anitsirk17
    Global trend 6: informal learning vs Moodle = can informal learning occur inside an LMS? yes I believe so #mootau12
  13. Jenni Parker from Murdoch University was dynamic and different in her approach to presenting and I found it both refreshing and engaging. She presented her Masters work and her portal of information presented was very interesting and effectively designed, I will definitely check it out further.
  14. anitsirk17
    eDesign: an authentic online learning course using Moodle together with an open companion website – a masters research project #mootau12
  15. Eellcie
    Breaking free using real-life tasks by Jenni Parker – interesting research preso at #mootau12
  16. Eellcie
    Online learning attempts to break isolated bubbles of old distance Ed model and become active participants #mootau12
  17. Eellcie
    “I try not to put too much content in and I still have too much content” for a CoI says Jenni Parker at #mootau12
  18. Eellcie
    Jenni explains the importance of using a CoI approach > students get it, appreciate it and engage > wow #mootau12
  19. Finally, I went to a presentation on Collaborate and I have only just recently had a student experience of this tool and found it very user-friendly and full of great tools. I definitely think it would be a valuable and effectively synchronous web tool to use in our institute.
  20. anitsirk17
    Watching Kim Edgar and Lindsey Collins present on extending Moodle using Collaborate #moodleau12
  21. anitsirk17
    Collaborate…web conferencing, mobile collaboration, instant messaging and more.. #moodleau12
  22. anitsirk17
    Great tools for interaction and whiteboard tools, emoticon tools and more…I’ve seen excellent polling done in Collaborate too #moodleau12
  23. anitsirk17
    Great engagement and interaction possibilities available in Collaborate… Love it! #moodleau12
  24. anitsirk17
    Breakout groups possible in Collaborate..l think its got everything we need 🙂 #moodleau12
  25. Day 3 now so more to come and the. I will continue reflecting for weeks I believe as there is so much wonderful Moodle stuff being shared….

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