Exciting eLearning

  1. eLearning engages me and I’m interested in the interpretation of it that others make.  There are some exciting trends happening in the world of elearning including the affordances offered by mobile devices, MOOCs and so many more online web tools.  I am a huge fan of mobile devices and have experienced a few MOOCs but could safely say that not all MOOCs I’ve done have been quality learning experiences for me.  The two tweets below are curated snapshots of whats happening in the world of elearning at the moment and it sure is an ever-changing area of education.  
  2. What tablets have done for elearning is phenomenal?  eLearning is all about anywhere, anytime learning and what better way to do that than with a mobile device.  I love my iPad 3 and the plethora of apps that are out there to explore and make use of but I’m not blind to the benefits of the Android tablets and devices available on the market as well.  (The competitiveness between Apple and Android devices can only work in the favour of the consumers I think.)  Check out the links below for some great resources on iPads in education.  By far one of the best things you can do is get an Apple TV setup going at your school if you are going to implement an iPad program because then you can use such programs as Air Parrot to have students, and yourself as well, ‘throw’ your iPad through to the big screen and share work and examples/resources.  It really does make you second guess the value of the SMART board (if you weren’t already).
  3. Another big area in elearning at the moment is gamification (which I understand is a term that does not sit well with some).  I personally find badges and any other type of gamification in my learning motivating, also helping drive what I do and achieve.  It doesn’t work for everyone and it won’t but it is very effective for some and it provides a scaffold to guide the learner through the experience.
  4. This tool ClipChoose is a great way to make intentional use of YouTube videos as a quick and easy way for you to compose video polls.  I can see definite potential for implementing this into an elearning experience.

2 thoughts on “Exciting eLearning

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  2. Kristina. I would love to see you on Edmodo, the worlds largest social learning platform. I saw you questioned smartboards when there is ipads or tablets around and i agree about that. I’ve seen another interesting option that will soon be released. UBI Interactive have developed a software that makes any surface into a smartboard. Just use their software together with an Xbox 360 kinect and a pc-projector. The best part of it is that it will cost you approx 500 US $.
    Perfect for K-12 edu with kids having greasy fingers:-) . BTW. I also attended “Instructional design and technology tools for online success”. Finally interesting blog, keep up the good work
    Major Thomas Lyck, Swedish Armed Forces

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