Power Tools Plus

I am floored every time I am witness to the great experience, passion, and skill of teachers who use ICT in their daily teaching and learning.  I work for a cutting-edge educational project called PLANE that explores teachers use of ICT and celebrates their highly accomplished practice in integrating a variety of tools into a range of contexts.  It excites me when I am in a session with such amazing educators who are really driving the change in schools.  So many of these teachers are using online tools, websites, social media and more to engage their students and staff in ICT and I wanted to share a few that they have opened my eyes to, some I had heard of but they are using them in highly effective ways and it is very encouraging.

Strip Designer is a great app that offers the opportunity for users to create comic strips with a very easy to use interface and tool set.  I see this as a great way of presenting content/information in an alternative and even more engaging way than usual and of course as an even better resource for students to use to publish their own work creatively.

Comic Life is another great tool for online comic strip creation and I have used it and Marvel’s create your own comic tool as well.

iBuild App is a site that promises you a 1-2-3 experience to create your own app in minutes!  So many people want to create their own apps but don’t know where to start, this is a great place to start.  No coding required and all free!

Spider Scribe is a concept mapping tool, one of many out there but this one is better than most that I’ve experienced.  This tool allows your to connect text, docs, images, videos, and even locations on maps.  Its a one-stop-shop as far as concept mapping goes.  I personally cannot wait to use this tool for planning research and presentations that I will be doing.

There are a plethora of tools out there on the web for teachers to utilise in ways that just make facilitating student learning so rich and varied.  These tools offer so much potential and when harnessed and integrated intentionally they are power tools.  I’ll continue to share more on these tools in the future so stay tuned… 🙂


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