TeachMeeting it up!

I just had my first experience of a TeachMeet and I jumped right in and presented too… it was a fantastic experience!!! My brain is fairly bursting with ideas I thought I better blog 🙂

Matt started us off and talked strategic planning and infrastructure for developing staff at school in ICT.  I love to hear of the approach different people take to this.

Remembering CLAS for DET teachers ICT skills. #tmplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:23:21

I’ve worked with Karran before and her work in the South West Sydney region for the DER is inspiring many teachers.  I have always believed that students are as much teachers as we are and to see such a project empowering our students warms my heart.  Students need to feel valued and like they bring something to the table when it comes to their education.  This project provides so much opportunities for students and I hope the vision continues to grow.

@MsWillisum talking about student centered learning with technology, partnered with volunteering #tmplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:21:29
Karran Williamson talking about Student Technology LeaDERs. #TMplane #planePL
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:25:12
DOM Dump, Organise and Modelmap. technique taught to Student Action Groups by Karran Williamson #TMplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:26:49
Great idea from Karran Williamson on Student Action Groups. Students leading technology use in learning. #TMplane

Now did this presentation get the brain bursting!! The chat in Adobe connect went nuts with the enthusiasm that ensued.  Augmented reality is a relatively new player to the technology world but its hitting all the sweet spots!  What John presented inspired me and so many others.  I see the potential for teachers to create OH & S and safety experiences to use in TAS and Science classrooms for students to get a firsthand look at the potential dangers they need to be careful of in practical lessons.  Others in the TeachMeet thought of things like interactive art shows at school and an interactive newsletter.  I won’t to take the tool presented, Aurasma, and use it in PLANE to create interactive resources now so watch out world 🙂  (I could stay up and start work now but may not make it to work then lol)

John Clear from the AIS talking about augmented reality application in everyday situations #tmplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:48:52
John Clear from AIS talking about Aurasma. #TMplane #planePL
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:51:06
John Clear talking about using Augmented Reality in teaching. Use Aurasma free app. #TMplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 02:51:37

Finally, I presented on Moodle, a great passion of mine and it was so fun!  A lot of what I talked about is already amongst my blog posts so peruse them and you’ll get a sense of what I presented on.

Kristina Hollis, PLANE’s resident Moodle guru speaking about Moodle. #TMplane #planePL
Wed, Sep 26 2012 03:11:13
Moodle often used to replicate traditional teaching instead of using it to full potential #TMplane
Wed, Sep 26 2012 03:30:14

This was only my first experience of TeachMeets but now I’m hooked!! Will look forward to engaging with it again soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “TeachMeeting it up!

  1. Well done, Kristina!
    I missed the first part of the TeachMeet with family stuff – pity because I’ve been doing some networking with the UK group who are working with student Digital Leaders in their schools. They have a great blog at http://www.digitalleadernetwork.co.uk/ and they meet on Thursday nights (UK time) at 9 p.m. on twitter with the hashtag #DLchat
    We have also established an edmodo group for Oz Digital Leaders and we have a couple of prominent and tech able students who have signed up. Last night we made the Tasmania connection with Natbot (of Minecraft’s Project MIST fame). We have so much to learn from students who are prepared to share! LOL!

  2. Apologies for the technical and design issues in this post but when it came over from Storify this time it was full of enormous amounts or bad coding and I fixed what I could but it was messed up. Hope you enjoy the read still.

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