Extending the use of QR Codes

QR Codes are great, and I am a fan, however, is it still innovative to just place a QR code onto a newsletter or worksheet or has that just become normal practice with the tool.  I like to see the use of technology continuously extended and the boundaries tested and tried.  So I decided to explore how others are using QR codes and see what innovative ways others are implementing them in different contexts.  The first one I found was amazing, have a look at the video below.

I love how this campaign combined two QR codes to be used for a specific purpose by two smartphones.  I could see the potential for this kind of setup to be used in group work within the classroom, the collection of artifacts and other sorts of things.  Maybe students could be doing a group task and to decide on their roles within the group they scan a random QR code, which then takes them to a page on their role and more information.

In this ad, there was no information and there was really only half an ad but the audience is invited to scan the QR code that appears on the door of the house and when its scanned the ad continues with the door of the house opening with the first person perspective of what it wold be like to have the house burning down.  This might translate into a classroom activity where students are given the beginning of a story or historical recount and then given a number of QR codes to choose from and when they scan it, they get one version of the rest of the story (whether it is from a first person perspective or not).  They could then compare the version they viewed with other students.

This ad was good too and I can see the potential for this idea to revolutionise canteen lines at schools.  Imagine how easy it would be if students could order their lunches etc from the canteen before they reached the window where the lines would not be congested and more students would get through.  I would love to see this integrated 🙂


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