Game design to win… a brand new RAV4!

I will start this post by saying that yes, it is a little left field in some ways but then not so much in others.  I own a Toyota Yaris sedan and it is a great car.  I think Toyotas are a very reliable car that maintains its value for many years because of the quality of them.  Some might say that I’m just bias but I look at how many Toyotas are on the road these days and its clear they are very popular with a large number of car owners.  I’m not sure how I got the link to begin with but I think it may have been in an email and it said Win a brand new RAV4, or something to that effect, and I thought sure, why not 🙂  I didn’t win instantly by just putting in my email address, however, what I discovered after the ‘Sorry’ message came up was the Finders Keepers challenge.

The Finders Keepers challenge is a game designed to get competitors to complete certain tasks or missions and collect points towards certain achievements and an overall total number of points.  With a countdown clock reminding competitors of how long there is remaining in the challenge, there are daily prizes and achievements to unlock.  I have already unlocked a few achievements, which is great 🙂

RAV4 competition achievements

It’s already got me thinking though, how can this type of succinct and short challenge inform a similar type of challenge in an educational setting?  Other point-earning elements of the Finders Keepers challenge include:  returning daily; following clues to collect points; sharing links and achievements; further exploring the Toyota website; answering daily questions; and, providing information about your own interests.  I’m not sure of the angle in the inclusion of shared interests etc but these aspects of the challenge are thought-provoking for me.

So how could I use this model at school?  I’m actually thinking of incorporating it into the subject we run at school that looks at independent study and facilitating increased student reflection and making it a little more motivating and rewarding somehow.  I’m not sure what kind of badging platform I could use, however, I really think that this could be a very engaging way to develop the students’ motivation and achievements in this subject.  Students could work towards certain missions and achievement levels in categories such as reflection, goals, study skills and more, but even within those categories, there are sub-categories that could be explored more.

Will do some further research and think more about how this could translate into activities for students using Mahara and continue blogging on it shortly 🙂


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