TPCK Model and Learning Technology by Design

As a Leader of Learning Technologies, I have a lot of technologies that I want to train teachers to use but as I have been confronted once again by research to consider the fact that it is more important to train teachers to enhance and transform teaching and learning experiences with technology and not simply use technology.  I am certainly guilty of it sometimes, but we often want to embrace new technology and in our haste and/or enthusiasm to do so we lose focus on the content and pedagogy that is just as important in the planning process.  This is where the TPCK Model comes into the picture and solves may issues with technology integration in the classroom.


I’ve done a lot of reading and research in this area and have written about Learning by Design before and the TPCK Model and LBD are almost consider one in the same (Koehler & Mishra, 2005).  The article by Koehler and Mishra (2005) was helpful but what I have found most valuable is the many different diagrams, mostly Venn Diagrams, that demonstrate and discuss the details of the TPCK Model and how to implement it practically.

colourful tpck model
Image sourced from

I’m really keen to integrate TPCK into how I design, develop and run teacher professional development at school and I found this particular flowchart that will be incredibly valuable.

TPCK Workflow
Image sourced from

To help me integrate the TPCK and start the process of integrating technology with intentionality I am going to play the TPCK Game that is outlined in the Public Schools of North Carolina wiki.  The game is a collaborative way of discussing the three domains and the different relationships that exist between them.  An outline of the game can be found on the above wiki and the video below shows it in action with some teachers.  I look forward to trying it and seeing how it progresses in the future.



Koehler, M. J., & Mishra, P. (2005). Teachers learning technology by design. Journal of computing in teacher education, 21(3), 94-102.


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