‘H’ is for Habituated learning – A to Z of learning Ls

You might be wondering why, if you have been following my series on the A to Z of learning Ls, I skipped out on D for Design-based learning (DBL) and G for Games-based learning.  I didn’t really skip either though because on the blog post The complete (almost) A to Z of Learning Ls you will find the list links to Moodling by Design – Design by Moodling as well as Gamification – hype on the rise, which are posts I did on DBL on GBL previously.  I’m not sure where it was that I came across the notion of habituated learning but it did provoke some thought into how we learn when we do things out of habit.

I’ve struggled to write this entry a little and the draft has sat here for several weeks but habituation is the notion that repeated exposure to the same stimuli eventually leads to decreased response to that stimuli (Read these explanations: Wikipedia, Cognitive Science, and PSY 376 Wiki).  It’s a very hard concept to grasp in terms of learning but what it might be is the decrease in response to classroom distractions and other disruptive stimuli in the learning process.  When we are continuously exposed to something we become used to it and I think this is what habituation is.  What might make us struggle to learn, for example, distractions and the unfamiliarity of a learning experience/activity but the more that these are part of our learning experiences the more it becomes a habit and routine and it won’t negatively effect the learning.

This is a very hard concept for me to get my head around so I may leave this post with this and update later.


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