Pedagogy for iPads – ‘iPadagogy’

As I plan for the increased implementation and integration of iPads across the school in which I work, I am constantly pondering what is best practice teaching and learning with this ‘heavy-weight’ mobile learning device.  ‘iPadagogy’ is a term I came across recently in my research and reading but have yet to find the kind of definition and outline of what this explicitly means for the integration of iPads.  However, whilst I may not have termed the word ‘iPadagogy’ I would like to define it for myself and explain how it applies to teaching and learning with iPads.


So if pedagogy is the ‘art and science’ of teaching and learning what does it mean in the context of utilising iPads?  The video above had an even better definition of pedagogy that might shed some light on this too: “it involves creating an educational process that will lead to knowledge transfer to a new learner”.  The presenter in the video also explains that “the pedagogy is the process of presenting content in the context of learning strategies that connect with a cognitive process. It now generally refers to creation of effective lesson plans for classroom instruction and online education”.  The words I get most from in this video are creating, content, strategies, process, instruction and transfer.

If I’m to go by the key words above then ‘iPadagogy’ is about creating content and developing strategies and processes for delivering instruction as well as allowing the transfer of knowledge to occur between teacher and student, and between different students, with the explicit use of iPads and all that they enable.  Got to do a lot more research and reading I think to define this more for myself and for my colleagues.


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