iPads in Education – Where are we heading?

The college where I am Leader of Learning Technologies and Information Resources Manager is making the move to 1-1 with iPads next year and this is a journey that certainly does not have an end date. What research have I gathered to inform the implementation and training process?

There has been so much information from so many sources to digest and to make use of in preparation for our own implementation.  I’ve always loved curating resources but my curation has gone to a whole new level with my growing addiction to Pinterest and creating many purposeful pinboards.  Twitter is of course a vital part of curation and as the largest social bookmarking site it has provided great gems for me to read and consider on this journey so far.

  1. A More Flexible iPad Classroom Through Apple TV goo.gl/cSXD6a via @TeachThought
  2. How Tablets Can Enable Meaningful Connections for Students and Teachers | MindShift blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2013… via @MindShiftKQED
  3. Integrated blogging app for iPad, could be handy for my trip: ictevangelist.com/integrated-blo…
  4. What the iPad Is and What It Isn’t | @langwitches bit.ly/14QsnEz #edtech #plaea
  5. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: SAMR model | @BrightBytes sco.lt/7Fm0Wn #eddtech #edchat
  6. EdTechSandyK: iPad Basic Training for Teachers | @LeonarderRod sco.lt/52Jkn3 Great info from @edtechsandyk #ipadchat #mobile2013
  7. iPurpose before iPad Always a pleasure to read Mark’s work mgleeson.edublogs.org/ipurpose-befor…
  8. Results and iPads discussed – The Impact of New Technology in Schools #edtech zite.to/18binTv
  9. The Impact of iPads in Schools – Results are in! #edtech bit.ly/16tVIAv
  10. Resources for teacher development that I collated & developed recently – iPads in the classroom buff.ly/14AzQnh #ipaded #edtech
  11. In The Netherlands, Schools Are Letting IPads Do The Teaching By @christinachaey fastcompany.com/3016125/fast-f… via @FastCompany

The Padagogy Wheel, developed by Adelaide’s Allan Carrington has played a big role in the professional development I have provided colleagues and has informed my own practice with planning for more intentional classroom use of iPads.  His work has been made with Creative Commons licensing and I appreciate being to utilise such great work.

  1. Introduction to the Padagogy Wheel
  2. Padagogy Wheel developed to refocus on learning rather than technology. Flip your thinking! unity.net.au/allansportfoli… @AllanADL #edtechsa
  3. The Padagogy Wheel unity.net.au/padwheel/padwh… #T4L13
  4. #cegsa Padagogy Wheel. For excellence what attributes do graduates need & how can we develop. Pls do svy.mk/18ZFuFY & help #edchat
  5. So Cool! Teach with #iPads The Padagogy Wheel V3.0, including QR Code linked videos! unity.net.au/padwheel/padwh… #edutech #ImpCol SV
  6. Mapping of Bloom’s for learning outcomes and linked activities (Ss video). iOS Apps linked Padagogy Wheel youtube.com/watch?v=RAYVQl… #caedchat

So where are we heading?  What do we hope to see in the classroom as a result of this move?  I can’t speak for everyone in the college as to what outcomes would be desirable from the implementation but as a college we are committed to modelling, teaching and facilitating opportunities for our students to become motivated, lifelong learners.  I would love to see the students taking more initiative in their learning, directing their learning experiences more and exploring information in ways they had not previously considered.  The opportunities excite me and I hope to have every opportunity to demonstrate  just how much is possible when students have a personal device at their fingertips, ready to learn ‘just-in-time’.  We aren’t heading towards teachers being obsolete or irrelevant in the classroom by any means, however, teachers’ roles will change and they will become part of a portal to a whole new world of information and opportunities.


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