Edmodo and MOOCs for high school students

I’ve been very keen to get all students at my school to learn more about and develop more skills in both digital citizenship and study skills, however, I obviously cannot physically teach the entire students body all this.  So it was decided that I would focus digital citizenship on a particular year group that really needed to become more aware of the implications of their social interactions online and that study skills would be open to anyone and everyone in the school.  I decided that instead of using Moodle this time I would use Edmodo and simply focus on generating discussion and encouraging students to put into action what they learn.

Having such large numbers in these two Edmodo groups has made me think about it a little more as MOOCs for high school students.  I like the idea of these lessons being learnt across the stages and different year groups.  How have I set them up?  The digital citizenship group has activities added to it that come from Common Sense Media and the amazing curriculum they have developed for Digital Citizenship.  I try and ask a lot of questions and provoke thought, reflection and action.  The study skills group runs in a similar way but follows a little less formal scope and sequence, it is very much about skills.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.42.12 PM
Figure 1: This is an example of a post from my digital citizenship group.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.52.30 PM
Figure 2: This is an example of an activity given in study skills group.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.52.12 PM
Figure 3: This is an example of a polling activity. I use polling activities often to gauge an idea of what students need most.

The groups have only been running for a few weeks but already I have over 200 students across the school involved in them.  It’s rewarding and I feel like I will have achieved successful outcomes from the students if they are able to improve their study habits and exam results, as well as demonstrate more awareness of how to be a good digital citizen in every online environment and activity.  I’m using lots of badges to reward and inspire them but so far it hasn’t caught on but I will continue to develop both groups more over the rest of the year and then restart them next year.


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