PBL World (Australia) – Day 1

PBL World (Australia) – Day 1
Questions to ask in PBL
So many questions came out of today and like the start of every PBL project, there is many questions that we need to know the answers to in order to complete our project.  In this case our project is to learn about and plan effective PBL projects.

  1. #pblaustralia Is your project a MAIN course or a DESSERT? Can we ‘renovate’ our dessert projects 2 b more encompassing of the curriculum
  2. ‘Who in the adult world would need to know this content and how would they use it?’ Thanks @OlaDoctorGina !!! #pblaustralia
  3. How much should we as teachers monitor the work students are going? Management of work. #pblaustralia
  4. How can you create buy-in for students to hook them into the project? Build their motivation? #pblaustralia
  5. “Who am I and what do I contribute to the world” PBL philosophy #pblaustralia
  6. Stimulus resources vs stimulus experiences to prompt further inquiry… Which is more appropriate? #pblaustralia
  7. What real world topic should your class tackle? Students deciding = engagement, passion, & ownership! #pblchat #pblaustralia #PBLStyleChat
  8. What essential questions do students need to be able to answer before answering the driving question #pblaustralia
  9. Is the new innovation missing? We usually start with renovation, making incremental changes. #pblaustralia

Great take aways

For me there have already been some great take away statements and resources that will help me a lot in planning PBL but also in helping my colleagues do PBL as well.  Here are some below.

  1. Best take away… “You do not know what your students can do” @gregwhitby #pblaustralia I love giving students scope to demonstrate this
  2. Cross-KLA planning for new teaching and learning programs… Luv it! #pblaustralia
  3. Good PBL: Plan collaboratively. Spark student interest. Exhibit student work for the public #pblaustralia
  4. “A common intellectual mission…” #pblaustralia
  5. “Standardisation…the death of innovation” Luv it! #pblaustralia Larry Rosenstock
  6. “Uncovering material not just covering material” Larry Rosenstock #pblaustralia
  7. @Pblaustralia Larry Rosenstock giving us gold…produce, keep it simple, all students & adults learn, uncover not just cover #PBLAustralia
  8. Do the higher order all the time and lower order takes care of itself. Production takes care of consumption #pblaustralia
  9. Do the PBL first… Not at the end of ‘Chapter 5’… Begin with the end in mind #pblaustralia

My own project begins

I’m planning a project that will facilitate learning about digital citizenship and responsible online and digital interactivity.  I particularly want this to include implications of the law.  My target group is Year 9 with a product that will target a Year 7 audience eventually.  I’m a little different in that I am not a full time classroom teacher as such but this will definitely be a good project to use with Year 9 in iPlan lessons I hope.

The student we all hope results from these PBL experiences 🙂


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