PBL World (Australia) – Day 2

PBL World (Australia) – Day 2

Today’s keynote was from Glen O’Grady of the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore.  He had some great thoughts to share on PBL but particularly raised the issue of research and the validity and successfulness of PBL.  He had a lot of evidence for the value of PBL but as many will testify, the proof is in the pudding of student work.  There were many other great points that came out of the presentation too.

  1. Powerful Learning: Studies Show Deep Understanding Derives from Collaborative Methods – incls research t.co/YNK4bbyq75 #pblaustralia
  2. Does pbl work? how do you define work and what is the criteria used to judge. Maybe look at the end product-students #pblaustralia
  3. “Problems need to be iterative in one problem, one day” Glen O’Grady #pblaustralia
  4. Glen O’Grady is presenting interesting ideas about liquid learning, fast & slow knowledge at #pblaustralia today at Parramatta Marist
  5. Theme of students WANTING to be their best, we just need to allow them. PBL Structures support student doing their best. #pblaustralia
  6. “PBL is just the manifestation of certain principles about learning.” Glen O’Grady #pblaustralia
  7. No longer about just the amount of knowledge, but the velocity of knowledge- O’Grady #pblaustralia
  8. The John Hattie researched pegged immediacy of feedback as powerful. #pblaustralia
  9. “Habits are developed by regular, interactive actions over a an extended period of time.” Glen O’Grady ANU #PBLaustralia Keep PBL regular!
  10. #pblaustralia teachers don’t tell they ask ?’s for students to develop their own strategies and be more self-directed
  11. “The enemy of innovation is perfection” Glen O’Grady. I’m a perfectionist but cannot I be an effective innovator too? #pblaustralia
  12. PBL forces us to come to terms and deal with the issues our students are facing so we can really teach #pblaustralia
  13. “PBL is philosophy… Not just method… How ppl should learn and classrooms operate and needs to b examined” Glen O’Grady #pblaustralia

And some of our questions were clarified too…

  1. An alternate word for problem is hook. What can we do to make learning intrinsic to the learner #pblaustralia
  2. Checklists are for quantity. Rubrics are for quality #pblaustralia

More great resources were also shared…

  1. I’ve got a prototype taxonomy of 4 elements for innovation – t.co/iL5SdR6Wro #pblaustralia not just edu but any field at all

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