The journey begins with bootcamp

Last week saw the culmination of almost 12 months of preparation and the beginning of a new era for the school I work at as the 1-1 iPads program was implemented.  Students were required to set up their iPads before school by coming in with their parents to the school just before the Christmas holidays or in the week before school returned to get them ready to access the school network and more.  Students downloaded their required apps during the holidays and two of the three year groups began downloading there eTextbooks.  It was a crazy time in the lead up to the big day but on the students’ first day back we were ready and waiting and bootcamp was launched.

I designed the iPad Bootcamp for Students to be a great introduction into what they need to know how to do on the iPad on a daily basis so that when they got to classes where they would be using their iPad they would be ready.  Over the months before the bootcamp, I created many different how to guides in PDF and video format to provide both staff and students on the day and in the days after and also wrote an iBook with all of the information in it.  The resources proved very valuable and helpful so I was really glad I had made them as I wanted the day to be as stress free and trouble free as possible.

The Year 7 students only did half the amount of training on the first day as Year 8 and 9 as we did not wish to overwhelm them, however, Years 8 – 9 had the flexibility of much of that first day to familiarise themselves with their iPad and how it would be used in the classroom.  There were hiccups and technical issues during the day, including some pressure being placed on the internet as students continued to download apps and textbooks but it ran very smoothly and was a wonderful day of collaborative learning between staff and students.

More on how this program progresses soon…


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