Cake and the SAMR Model

Metaphors are my way of critically reflecting and of picking apart a concept in more details to better understand and apply it.  As is often the case with me, that metaphor happens to be cake 🙂  Explained below…

Substitution – Making a simple cake and adding a fondant icing.  Its more complicated then just icing it traditionally and you could achieve the same outcome with butter cream or other spreadable icing that doesn’t need to be handled so much to do what you want it to.

Image from Threadcakes

Image on Ipsy Bipsy Bake Shop blogspot







The cake maker says this on her blog about the one on the right: “I started with a plain old white iced cake. This cake had no real need for fondant sides because the perfectionistic smoothness was not going to matter anyway.”

Augmentation – Using fondant icing and then using cake paint/cake dye/colours to paint on a design, maybe some flat fondant shapes to make the cake look fancier.

Ice Skate Cake on Flickr

Image from Flickr

Modification – A cake with different layers and whose shapes might be other than square/rectangle/circle, iced with fondant icing and decorations of all sorts of colourful objects and shapes.  The fondant makes some of the cakes shape and design possible in a way that other icing simply couldn’t do.

Cakes / 3 D Cakes (Set) on Flickr

Space Shuttle groom’s cake by ncspurlin on Devianart

Redefinition – A cake that has a character all of its own, like a cake that is shaped like a baby for baby shower and painted to look so lifelike there is no possible way you would feel comfortable eating it.  It’s a cake but you look twice before you realise it.  Its the shape of something a cake has never been the shape of before and props are included on it to bring even more life and character into it.

Image by Jamie Anderson – Car wedding cake on Flickr

Image by Don Buciak II – 3D Sculpted cake to resemble a Subway sub on Flickr







Anyways, now I really want some cake 🙂  I like sense-making with sweets and critically reflecting whilst doing so but maybe next time I’ll do the sense-making the Lite ‘N Easy way.


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