SAMR Model explained

I’ve been trying to think up ways to get the SAMR Model out to my colleagues more and help them start thinking more about how they are using the iPad in the classroom.  It isn’t about using the iPad to replace traditional tasks and activities with a digital way of doing things but to me its about extending the opportunities students have to demonstrate higher order thinking skills in the reproduction of what they have been learning.  Yesterday in my music class, I was teaching programme music to Year 7 and I could have easily given them a well-rounded and precise definition of what programmatic music is, however, I didn’t.  What I did do was recap what they knew about instruments of the orchestra from a recent excursion and then introduce the topic of programme music.  I then asked them to use their iPad to research and discover what programmatic music is and create a visual poster or other representation that told me and the other students in the class what they had discovered and determined was the meaning.  They demonstrated creativity and a great understanding of the topic, in approximately 10 minutes, and then we moved onto exploring it in practice with a viewing of Peter and the Wolf on YouTube.

Well, back to the SAMR Model, I created this infographic and have displayed it in the staffroom and have put up my own examples so far, but hoping to prompt more thought on how the achieve modification and redefinition even more over the rest of the year.

Click on image to view in presentation mode.

Click on image to view in presentation mode.


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