I’m converted… from iPad Air to Samsung Galaxy Note

I’ve been a Mac/Apple ‘convertee’ since about 2009 when I got my first MacBook, and as far as computers go I am still convinced that the MacBook is definitely the best way to go for laptops… HOWEVER… drumroll please…. after being so immersed in the world of iPads as the ‘tool of the future’ for education, I am now convinced that Android, and particularly Samsung are superior in the affordances and features it offers for classrooms and students.

It’s only taken one night of playing on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ last night to realise what should’ve come a lot sooner had I not be ingrained in the sect that is allegiant to Apple only.  I have never used an Android device for more than a few minutes of maybe trying to hack into my sisters Facebook on her Android phone (before I convinced her to go Apple iPhone ironically), so last night was a totally new technical experience and I must say that the UX was fantastic!!! I struggled a little sometimes but overall, I was getting so excited by the way I was able to get timely responses from the device and all of the functions and features.

Anyways, I got a lot more playing to do with my device and there will be MANY MORE posts to come about this flip from Apple iPad to Samsung Galaxy… feel free to share tips, tricks and comments galore…


2 thoughts on “I’m converted… from iPad Air to Samsung Galaxy Note

    • I still love Mac Neil, I will never trade my MacBook Pro and I definitely want an iMac as this is essential for when I do online learning design. I think there are definite benefits to both platforms.

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