Flash a-ah! Android goodness galore…

Testing the Samsung Galaxy Note more, seeing how it does everything I have regularly done on my iPad Air, has been very fruitful.  I have successfully accessed documents stored on a USB by connecting a Micro USB Combo by Amicroe to the Samsung.  I found that the USB wouldn’t register, however, if the USB itself was not already attached to the combo in one of the USB ports.  I was then unsure as to how to disconnect the USB safely but discovered that if I swiped down and got the notifications menu, then tapped on the USB notification, it disconnected it safely so I could remove the combo from the device. When the USB registered in the device initially, it automatically pulled up the My Files app and revealed the USB and its folders within the app.  The files were all easy to navigate and search too.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNCSVFs78-M]

What I then wanted to be able to do was open a PDF in S Note and annotate it.  This was a little tricky to figure out at first but I soon realised that if I went into S Note and then tapped on the Menu button, it would bring up options that included Import.  After tapping on Import I was given three options, Google Drive, Samsung account or My Files.  I tapped on My Files and then on PDF file and selected a PDF file by tapping on the select circle.  (Tapping on the file itself opened it in a preview sort of version and didn’t import it.)  It then successfully brought the PDF file into S Note and enabled me to annotate, highlight and write on the PDF file.  This is brilliant and so much less fuss than the way I’ve tried to facilitate this process being done on iPads at school this year.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.10.26 pmNow the cream on the coffee! Flash a-ah! So many iPad users, particularly educators, lament over the lack of Flash capabilities on the iPad. Flash is not intuitively part of the Samsung either, however, I installed the app Photo Flash Player & Browser.  Once I started this app, and tapped on a small lightening bolt icon in the bottom left hand side of the screen, I was able to start a Flash-based session on the Internet.  So I went to my Jacaranda Plus account bookshelf and successfully opened up the Knowledge Quest game online, which is entirely flash-based.  It worked great!  The only potential problem with using this app would be the RAM and CPU it takes to run and the pressure that it would put on the wifi and bandwidth, however, it is very helpful and will facilitate better connectivity to valuable resources.


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