Yay! A transparent filing system on tablets…

In my comparison of iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note, there is one thing that really makes the Android experience even better.  The transparency of the filing system!! It is brilliant!!  For years I have used the iPad and tried to navigate numerous apps in the hope of figuring out an easy file management system and workflow for completing school documents etc.  Students are always dealing with documents such as Pages, Keynotes, PDFs and images but they have no one place where they can manage and store these with ease and use them in other apps without having to re-download them.  Yes, you can store everything in your Google Drive and use them as you need from there, however, you then have to download them again and this requires an internet connection.  I’m sure there is things that the iPad can do that manage files better, however, file management and storage should not be something a user has to think twice about.


A default folder amongst the apps and folders on the Samsung reveals the above apps.  All of them are very useful but for now, I am loving the My Files and Downloads apps.  On my MacBook, I have my Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders etc, but these are not something found on the iPad.  However, on the Samsung, I can find these within the My Files app and the Downloads app and what that visually looks like is a lot more intuitive and transparent, almost like it were a computer desktop.

Screenshot_NormarAppImage (2)

Not only does the file system/folder on the Samsung organise my files into categories accessible from one app, it also links to my Dropbox and allows me to easily navigate those files and open them on my Samsung tablet.  It’s so much easier to manage!  The breadcrumbs underneath the categories (seen above) are also very helpful for navigating the file system.  Another huge benefit too, is the fact that the space taken by each category of items/files stored is clearly visible, which makes the management of my 16GB tablet’s storage a lot easier as well.

I haven’t played around with all of the features yet, but I have the ability to create my own folders within this filing system and create shortcuts as well.  Another thing I have yet to explore is the connectivity with a USB and an external microSD card to add further storage space to the device but I will cover that one soon.Screenshot_NormarAppImage (1)


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