Planning for a new learning journey


I’ve been very interested in doing it for a long time now, had started the application process a few times, but it wasn’t the right time.  Now it is, so……. I’m going to apply to do my PhD.  Yay!!!  I love to study, to research and to spend quality time reflecting and writing on many education topics.  However, I know I need to define a more specific focus area for a PhD so that is where I am at the moment, and discussing these potential research topics with prospective supervisors. I’m very excited about this and believe it is going to be a great experience and opportunity for me and hopefully for me to impact the field of education.

Like the typical organisation freak that I am, I am also trying to plan now how I will take notes on the literature I read; how I will manage time; how I will record and write things; and, how I will keep myself motivated.  It is a lot to think about and I know its a huge undertaking but I am ready for it… bring it on.

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