ISTE2015 – Day 2 – Ideas and inspiration

I attended some great workshops today and I have been plenty inspired, however, I think that I have months worth of stuff to ponder.  For now, I will write in my notes that I took, in their raw format and I will continue to come back to them for further reflection in the weeks to come.

THE VIRAL VIDEO EFFECT (click for presentation)

  • Some of the lamest videos are the ones that go viral, E.g. Nyan cat
  • What makes videos a viral sensation?  What makes students want to put everything that they do on YouTube?  What makes students want to be professional YouTubers?
  • So many YouTube videos demonstrate students success, so that we can celebrate with them.  Why do we not celebrate these more at school, in the community, with parents?
  • Video storytelling is so effective when it takes a simple content area, analyses it and reproduces it in a fun and creative way. E.g. The dating game with rocks.
  • Build tension, but make people laugh as well
  • Science experiment videos with final outcome at the beginning hook the viewing audience, very effective
  • Science video with ear and sound frequencies, interactive video, gets audience participation.  Use rhetorical questions in videos to make it interactive.  Use the videos interactive with the editing tools, overlays etc in YouTube.
  • Scratch can be used for robotics and game design as well as video storytelling.
  • Vine is a great video tool for creating stop motion videos and ally creative videos, look up vineoriginals, limit of 6 seconds

Example videos shared include:


  • First level support and curriculum support
  • Digital citizenship in schools by Mike Ribble, third edition out in August
  • Important book… The principals guide to a powerful library media program
  • Develop an elevator speech about what the library is about, what it offers.
  • Build bridges and unify visions
    – change perceptions
    – embrace change,look to the future
    – get to know your IT folks
    – learn the lingo
    – seize opportunities: daily opportunities for data backups and curriculum discussions, what could I offer in free periods? “I want to help you, because I know it helps others.”
    – right tools for the right job
  • The benefits of team-ups
    – IT and information specialists
    – empowering others
    – streamlining access for resources (Worldbook, discovery Ed, IDM)
    – voice for the user
    – collaborative benefits
    – stewards for digital citizenship
  • Work towards the future
    – librarians as tech leaders
    – librarians as learning centres
    – be an innovator, a model, and SHARE
    – volunteer
    – build relationships
    – be a myth buster: failure is always an option


  • Teachers won’t be replaced by technology, they’ll be reached by teachers who use technology.
  • If we can Google the answer, we need to change the assessment.
  • Curation and narration are missing in the 21st century skills
  • The ability to find good information, and understand it, makes you care about it
  • Ngram viewer – scans books and tells you how many times a book is seen within that book


  • High school Spanish teacher, quit using textbooks to relinquish control and restraints
  • Students need to learn the skills to engage with others online
  • Need to encourage creative and productive use of devices
  • Kids use Twitter to get feedback from strangers worldwide using the hashtag #comments4kids
  • Check out some of the back channel activity that formed the majority of this session, click below

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