The complete (almost) A to Z of learning Ls

I’ve been thinking more about this since the other night and the TeachMeet I was involved in and started coming up with my list of A to Z learning ‘Ls’:

  1. Authentic learning
  2. Blended learning
  3. Constructivist learning
  4. Design-based  learning
  5. Experiential learning
  6. Games-based learning
  7. Habituated learning
  8. Interactive learning
  9. Kinaesthetic learning (psychomotor learning)
  10. Lifelong learning
  11. Mobile learning
  12. Open learning
  13. Problem- or project-based learning
  14. Questioning
  15. Rote learning
  16. Self-directed learning
  17. Tangential learning
  18. Visual learning

These are the only ones I had a type of learning for and I will continue to unpack these in coming posts but I thought I should write down the ones I had already.  Will also think about designing and developing an interactive tool for discussing this further.